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Ordering Your Healy Device

Please see below, my recommendations of what to purchase and the ordering process 
You must order with a referral link, which you will find below. 
Referrer will be Ray Jetton
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Referrer will be Ray Jetton
Please read the directions below before ordering.

For Current Pricing and Promotions

Ordering Instructions

Go to the Healy Shop

You can ONLY order Healy devices through a referral link from an Independent Healy World Member.  Once you click on the "Click here to Order" button, you will need to select the region of the world where you live and then you will see the pop-up window displayed here.



My Recommendations

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Professional Edition as it has almost every Program Group and App Module available.  You will love using the Digital Nutrition and Bioenergetic Vitalization programs! 

If that is too much for your budget, go with whichever edition you can afford - ideally the Resonance Edition or higher, so that you can do the Resonance Scans of your Bioenergetic Field. You can add additional programs as you need them by selecting and subscribing to them on a month to month basis.


I also recommend getting the Healy Coil, an extra connection cable (in case one gets damaged), and a travel case.

If money is no object or you are a serious business builder, you should also purchase the MagHealy.


When placing your order, the items in the cart will be listed at full price.  Any promotional pricing or discounts will show up at the checkout screen.

Remember:  We have financing available at the checkout page, and it is also pretty easy to earn back your own investment if you choose to be a Healy Member and refer only a few others to Healy.


Check Out

At the checkout screen, choose to be a Member or a Customer.  

Member means you can refer others and earn commissions and even earn free Healy Devices. There is no cost to be a Member.  If you have no interest in referring others and building a business, select Customer.


After entering your address you will see your total with tax and any promotions or discounts applied.


Choose one of the payment options and click "Place Order" after being sure to check all the required boxes.

If you choose to finance through Klarna, you will go through the financing approval process after clicking "Place Order".

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 6.32.18 PM.png

Professional Edition

Or the highest edition within your budget.  Consider the MagHealy as well!
Shop > Editions

Healy Coil

So you can run Healy Programs without wires!
Shop > Add-Ons

Connection Cable

If a cable gets damaged, you will need a replacement to use microcurrent.  Best to have one on hand, just in case.
Shop > Accessories

Travel Case

It's awesome!  Keeps your Healy and accessories safe.
Shop > Accessories


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